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Pro Guitarist & Guitar Instructor

Author Mark Marshall
Mark Marshall is a New York City-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, session musician and instructor offering guitar lessons for NYC with the ears and heart of a songwriter. His distinctive approach to performance and arrangement has made him a fixture in national music scene, where he can be found supporting many great artists as guitarist including Abby Ahmad, Jenna Torres, Levon Helm, Nicole Parker, Peking Duk, Nation Beat, Jenna Nicholls, and many others.

Mark has worked on a variety of commercial projects, including national ad campaigns, video game soundtracks and film scores. He also contributes to The Pro Audio Files sharing wisdom on producing, performing and engineering records.

Mark has also recently released a book called Practice Makes Progress. The book brings a fresh, creative approach to learning music theory and practicing guitar.

Equally comfortable on guitar, drums, bass and piano, as well as behind a console, Mark’s unique musical prowess and sensitivity have placed him in a class all his own. He is currently touring in promotion of hid band Fife & Drom’s newest release. Mark is also known for his love of organic guitar tones. He favors tweed amps, tape delays and spring reverb. He believes in creating classic tones instead of emulating them.

Partial list of artists Mark has worked with:

Abby Ahmad

Levon Helm

Fife and Drom

Jenna Nicholls

Nicole Parker

Nation Beat

Mark Geary

Wakey Wakey

Michael Brunnock

Jenna Torres

Barnaby Bright


Peking Duk

Misty Boyce

Vanessa Bley

Teddy Kumpel

Alec Gross

Danielle Gasparro

No Lindsay

Bryan Dunn

Adam Minkoff

Michelle Newman


Brandon Anderson

Lonely and the Moose

Neil Davis

Liz Clark

Tessa Perry

Gene Back

Scott Chasolen


Andy Mac

Jenni Alpert

Daughter and Son

Michelle Newman

Mary C and the Stellars

Danny Ross

Amir Darzi

Jason Reischel

Christina Toddonio

The Ramblers

The Harvest Ministers

Andy Fitzpatrick

Dr. Zsa’s Powdered Zydeco Band

Kelli Rae Powell

Gene and Merrady

Baby Brown

Tanya Buziak

Alma Tropicalia

Barney Miller

My Brother

Becky Bliss

Jamie Rae

Lara Ewen

Willie Breeding

Gina Sing

Marybeth D’Amico

Crystal Ponzio

Vanessa Ivy

Gio Moretti

Marissa Levy

Lynn Verlayne

Rachel Lee Walsh


Jacknife Symphony

Bob Lewis

Caitlin Bell

John Laprade

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