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Pro Guitarist & Guitar Instructor

Author Mark Marshall

Hi, this is Mark Marshall. Bios can be kind of boring so I’m going to go about it a little different. I’m just going to tell you a little bit about my life and experiences.

I’m based in my favorite city in the USA, NYC. I write songs, produce records, play on sessions, tour and teach guitar. I know, it seems like a lot. I’ve been involved in music since I was able to start walking.

I’ve been fortunate with a career that I’m proud of. I’ve played with a lot of musicians that inspired me on records growing up.

I’ve worked with artists like Levon Helm, Abby Ahmad, Norbert Leo Butz, Amy Helm, Nicole Parker, Jenna Nicholls and Nation Beat just to name a few. Last year I even made an appearance on the tv show Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll.

This is the part of the bio where you continue name dropping. But, I’m going to try to keep that to a minimum in the event you don’t have any Pepto Bismol.

I’ve worked with hundreds of artists in my career so far. Many of them pretty well known. If you wanna know more about who I’ve payed with, email me.

Session Musician

I often get called to play on records. I’ve spent a lot of time in recoding studios. So, artists call me because they trust I can deliver the sound and performance they’re looking for.

I’ve played on a lot of records I’m proud of. I’ve also worked alongside notable producers.

Artists often come to my studio as I have a rather large guitar collection. Sometimes, I loose count. It doesn’t stop with guitars either. It’s extended to amps and effects. My wife is a musician as well, so she doesn’t do a good job at stopping me/us.


Coming from a background in songwriting and owning a studio, I found myself producing records. I consider production to be team work. My favorite projects are those where the artist is involved and has a clear direction.

Some of my favorite artists I’ve produced are: Abby Ahmad, Jenna Nicholls and Elizabeth and the Catapult.


After I started playing guitar at a young age, I was drawn to writing music. A love that hasn’t faded over the years. I co-write with my wife Abby Ahmad for our band Fife & Drom.

I also compose a lot of music for television. I’m currently writing music for several TV shows. I’ve written, performed and produced music for video games and movies as well. Yawning yet?

Touring and Performing

You can also find me on tour from time to time. I’ve had the pleasure of touring all over the world with numerous artists. Last year I was touring with Amy Helm and Fife & Drom.

When not on tour you can find me playing regularly around NYC with some of my favorite musicians like Adam Minkoff.


While in NYC, I teach guitar and music theory lessons. I specialize in intermediate to advanced lessons. Students often find me when they feel like they’ve hit a wall in their playing. I’ve developed techniques to keep this from happening.

I wrote a book on music theory and the art of practicing called “Practice Makes Progress” to accompany my students interests in advancing.


I’m the resident know it all in my head. I suppose this makes me a good match for blogging. You can find me writing about guitar and music production for a few blogs. Most notably would be Premiere Guitar and The Pro Audio Files.


As well as playing guitar, I’m an experienced drummer and bassist. On some records, I’ve played everything. What can I say, I had a lot of free time in the small town I grew up in.

Musical Director

Some gigs need a leader. Someone to organize and hire/recomend all the musicians. Someone to make charts, share material and rehearsal notes. Early on I discovered I was good at this. Maybe from producing records.

I musical direct for a handful of artists. I also run a curated blues night in the LES of Manhattan called Blues on Tues. The show happens once a month. We usually get about 30 guests to participate. I make all the charts and organize the guests.

I’ve also found my self in the position of getting called for musician referrals. Even if I’m not the match for you, feel free to contact me. I know a lot of amazing people that I would be glad to recommend.

Well, I suppose I could go on for another 10 paragraphs. However, I’m going to assume you have a life. So, feel free to reach out and communicate. I enjoy talking about music.


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