Acoustic Guitar Lessons NYC -Acoustic or Electric?

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There is a bit of argument about which guitar you should start with. There are electric, acoustic and nylon string guitars. If you’re interested in taking acoustic guitar lessons NYC then you would pick a steel string guitar. When choosing you should pick the guitar that matches the style of music you’re interested in. If you’re into hard rock an acoustic guitar shouldn’t be your first choice. There is a camp of people that live by the philosophy starting with an acoustic guitar is optimal. In my opinion this doesn’t hold a lot of weight. Here is why I have come to that conclusion.

Acoustic guitar lessons are based around acoustic music. There isn’t so much a difference in a lot of the techniques. The differences are small and you really wont notice them until you are more advanced. Some people push starting with the accomplish because the tension of the strings is higher and they believe it trains your muscles better. Although there may some truth to this, the dis-advantages outweigh the advantages. Pushing someone to start on an instrument they’re not interested in not going to inspire them to stick with guitar. Inspiration and motivation is important.

If you’re not looking for acoustic guitar lessons NYC and would prefer electric guitar then you should start with an electric guitar. Acoustic guitars and electric guitars are capable of creating different sounds, but you play chords an strum the same way on each guitar. When I first wanted to play guitar I desired a Fender Stratocaster. My dad is a musician and took me to gigs at a very young age. I have a very early memory of a black Stratocaster. I knew I wanted to play that!! The look, the sound made me want to play it. If someone had steered me towards a guitar I wasn’t connected to it would have hurt my interests.

Later I became interested in acoustic guitar lessons NYC and the switch was easy. I was already interested in the guitar and had a few chords under my belt on a “strat” style guitar that was lent to me. Whether you play acoustic or electric a G chord is a G chord. You will play notes and chords exactly the same. The electric may feel a little easier to hold chords and notes down due to the thinner strings. Acoustic guitars usually come with heavier strings the electrics. You can switch to lighter acoustic guitar strings if you desire less tension.

We’ve talked about how acoustic and electric guitars aren’t “that” different. Let’s talk about if nylon string guitars are a good choice for acoustic guitar lessons NYC . Classical or nylon string guitars are quite different. Although you play chords and notes the same you would on any other guitar the sound and technique for picking can be quite different. Classical guitars don’t respond so well to a guitar pick. If you plan on playing a lot of rhythm guitar a nylon is not your best choice. They are the perfect choice if you want to play Classical guitar or Flamenco guitar. Both of these styles use fingers for picking, no picks.

Unless you’re specifically looking to play those styles you should either pick steel strings for acoustic guitar lessons NYC or electric. Your options are very limited with a classical guitar regarding modern music. Take a peek at your record collection (or in modern terms ipod). What kind of music makes up most of your library? Do you listen to a lot of music with acoustic guitar? If your answer is no then you’re probably not leaning to that style of playing.

Salesmen and sometimes people in general can be pushy. Don’t get pushed around with your decision. It’s about you and your interests. Buying a guitar that a sales person pushed on you isn’t going to make you itch to take acoustic guitar lessons NYC even if they say it’s the “best” choice. After all you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your guitar. Make sure it’s everything you want. You don’t have to worry about making a bad decision. There is no penalty for changing your mind later. The language is the same, there is just a little different accent. Most guitarists have both electric and acoustic at points in their life.

Just remember. the guitar that’s harder to learn on is the one you’re less interested in playing. A great teacher will have proper lessons plans for acoustic guitar lessons NYC or electric guitar lessons NYC to help you get the most out if whatever guitar and musical style you choose. Go with you gut, let your instincts guide you to your first guitar. This is one area I promise your instincts will not lead you astray. Now go grab the guitar you’ve always wanted to play and let’s get started!!

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