Advanced Guitar Lessons

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Advanced Guitar Lessons

The mindset that a teacher needs to be in to deliver advanced guitar lessons is different then for a beginner. When someone is starting out there is more of a broad strokes approach.

By the time someone reaches an advanced level, it’s more about finite details.

advanced-guitar-excercisesAn advanced student needs a teacher that has developed a curriculum that will stay at pace with their fast moving skills.

This requires that the teacher has a deep knowledge of the music you’re invested in. At this point, if you’re interested in the blues, it’s imperative the instructor deeply understands that language.

Art is Language

It’s a broad language too. As an example, blues isn’t just blues. There is Delta Blues, Country Blues, Chicago Blues and Texas Blues. That’s just to name a few.

Each one of those are quite different from one another when you really dig deep. That’s just talking about genre too. That’s not even adding slide guitar into the mix.

Rock, Soul and Country music is no different in their subtle variances.

It’s for this reason I’ve often been sought out to teach advanced guitar lessons online. There have been many students that have reached a plateau. They feel stifled and can’t find a specialist in their local region to help them.

Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard

I stress the word specialist. There is a difference in someone who understands the basics of a genre of music and someone who fluently speaks it.

advanced-guitar-techniquesThrough my years of playing, I’ve dug deep into the nuances of Rock, Blues, Soul, Punk and Country. If they were a language (and they are) I would be able to converse with the locals as if I lived there.

The Approach

Often a great way to touch on these techniques is through learning advanced guitar songs. The most powerful things you learn about music is through song.

Why? Because not only do you have the advanced guitar techniques or theory, but an example of it’s usage.

This usage will act as a mnemonic later on. There is more meaning in a song then just an exercise. I’m not saying exercises are bad. I’m just saying as an advanced player, it’s best to look at application.

With application comes the importance of executing these advanced techniques and advanced guitar exercises. The exercises come into the picture and help prepare you. It’s imperative that you have a balance of songs and exercises. A teacher that is too heavy on exercises will often burn out a student.

Technique Adjustments

Sometimes, it’s very small adjustments to technique that are needed for a very specific style of music. These small changes are often the missing link that puts the student over the top.

These subtle things are often what students are looking for when they feel like they just can’t get the tone right. It could be a pick angle, a fingering or a picking pattern.


advanced-guitar-songsJust like in some regions there is a slang to a word, there is slang to playing. When discussing advanced guitar chords you’ll find a lot of examples of this.

There are voicings that are very specific to certain genre’s or artists. Think of it like this, if you’re in Boston and you hear someone talking with an Alabama accent, you know they’re from out of town. Chord voicings are one small example of this in music.


A healthy practice regime is very important for the growth of guitarists. By that, I don’t mean having 12 hours a day to play. Its less about quantity and more about quality.

Often when people reach an advanced level they get comfortable with practice. This means they’re not realizing what they need to be practicing to further growth.

I help students keep a laundry list of goals and weakness to work on. This is crucial to maintaining forward motion. I have found many times that simply adjusting the practice routine for students there is less fatigue and burnout.

Most burnout happens from over repetition of tasks. It’s essentially like building a foundation to a house only to repeat the whole process without finishing the house.

It’s important to keep momentum. Being an advanced player is as much about mental exercise as physical. When people hit walls they often think it’s physical fatigue. In reality, it’s mental fatigue.

If you can keep your mind engaged you can stay in the car pool lane with fewer red lights.


I’m always available for questions about lessons. Feel free to send me an email if you’re searching for advanced guitar lessons and want to make sure we’re a good fit.


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