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Lost and Found

Have you ever found yourself forgetting something at a gig? Leave a capo or slide behind? We’ve all done that in the past. The measures I’ve aken to prevent this is to have a routine when I break down. I do all of the following in order. 1: Guitar in Case 2: Organize and place capo’s, picks […]

Preparing for Chord Descension

In this article we’re going to look at a very familiar move that guitars use in the key of C but we’re going to apply it to some other open chords. I kind of always think of the descending walk down from C to A minor as the “Landslide” move. Guitarists may even know this move in […]

Set it and Forget It

Remembering settings for gigs can be tricky when you have several pedals on a board. Sometimes knobs get bumped in transport and you have to reset things in soundcheck. That is if there is a soundcheck. A great way to get around this if you don’t want to go the iphone picture route is to […]

Do It Yourself Strap Locks

Personally I don’t like strap locks that are on the market. I’m not into the idea of anything separating me more from the instrument, especially when it’s more metal. They rattle and sometimes even resonate. I’ve also found that straplocks strip strap button holes. This led me to research some alternatives. There is an old […]

Unpredictable Phenomenon

There are occasions where things don’t go as planned onstage. Gear starts acting funky and you don’t know why. This especially happens with new gear you haven’t used much onstage. Whenever I get a new piece of gear I make sure to twist all the knobs in rehearsal or at home as much as I […]

Alternate Root 4 Voicings

In this lesson we’re going to look at one of my favorite minor and major voicings with the root on the D string. The thing I really like about these two fingers is the way the intervals are structured. We have Root then 5th then 3rd on top. At the bottom of the voicing we […]

“The Rover” Phrase of the week pt 5

In this lesson we’re going to look at bending into chord tones within a riff. A great example of that is in the song “The Rover” from Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin. It’s great to observe riffs instead of solos as you get to see their function on a more structural level. Let’s take a […]

“Turn the Page” Tips for the Pro Guitarist pt 4

Often when making charts or cheat sheets for gigs it’s not uncommon to write notes for multiple songs on the same page or write another song on the back of the page. This isn’t the best of ideas. Set lists change and it’s much easier to have each song independent of each other. That means […]

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