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What Kind of Guitar Player are You?

  Understanding how your brain works can greatly help you advance as a guitarist. There are two kinds of mindsets. Some players don’t even notice this for years. Usually after much frustration.   You must be thinking there are much more then two kinds of players, right? I mean, there is jazz, metal, country to […]

what is hsp by guitarist mark marshall

How To Play Guitar -What is HSP?

There is a common trait amongst the greatest musicians I’ve played with. They all have what I like to call HSP. It stands for Hear Sing Play. It’s the order of actions that lead to playing a note. It requires a healthy imagination which is a crucial part of creativity. All of the theory in […]

How To Play Guitar -Using Your Thumb

For years many masters have played and created mesmerizing art on guitar. The technique often varied due to the necessitates of the music being created. There didn’t seem to be much grief over it. But for some reason over the last couple of decades there seems to be a movement to re-establish what proper fretting […]

Guitarists Guide to iTunes Organization

As a working guitarist you’re going to want to up your organization skills. Being organized will save you lots of time and frustration in the future. Time is money and neither is much fun to waste. This week we’re going to look at organizing iTunes. Often when artists send material to learn for a gig […]

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