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What Kind of Guitar Player are You?

  Understanding how your brain works can greatly help you advance as a guitarist. There are two kinds of mindsets. Some players don’t even notice this for years. Usually after much frustration.   You must be thinking there are much more then two kinds of players, right? I mean, there is jazz, metal, country to […]

Become A Master Slide Guitar Player

Through my classes you’ll gain the clarity and foundation that will allow you to progress faster. This will be the fast track to becoming a much more confident player. Players like Muddy Waters, Son House, Bukka White, Robert Johnson and Elmore James all were masters of slide. However, each one brought a different set of […]

Music Theory -Simulated Live Performance

For a lot of musicians there is a disconnect between practice and performance. To some it’s as if they’re 2 different players. If you’re feeling this way you’re not alone. There are a lot of factors that make performing and practicing different. The most obvious is the adrenalin you get when playing live. It feels […]

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