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Creating a Master Song List

Remembering all the songs in your song library can be difficult. Not to mention the key signatures and tempos. To deal with this, I like to create a Master Song List. This list will have all the pertinent information to help you recall or choose songs. There are many ways you can create such a […]

Guitar Gear Behind the Live Set: Neil Davis

I’m prepping for a live record taping with artist Neil Davis which will be recorded at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on March 26th at 7:30 pm. I’ll be choosing guitars, pedals and amps based on the style of Neil’s music. What I use changes from gig to gig based on the material. Neil’s music could […]

Age of Technology

The past 20 years has yielded a revolution in the methods we use to capture music. Now were finally passing the honeymoon stage. The toys, whips and costumes that were once thrilling are now everyday props. The newness and excitement over the unlimited editing options is passing. I started on Pro Tools and Logic. In […]

Thoughts on Recording Electric Guitar

Recently I finished tracking for Vanessa Bley’s new EP. We tracked a lot of electric guitars on the tracks “Disbeliever” and “Standstill”. The tone was important on these tracks and it required some attention to capture the urgency in the parts. “Disbeliever” has a Clash type vibe to the guitars. For this track I ended […]

Tips for Songwriters on Bandleading

Here are some tips I’ve accumulated over my years as MD to make things run smoother  organizing a band. 1: if you’re really interested in hiring great musicians for your project, give them a little time to respond after first contact. I would say at least 48 hours. The person you may be trying to contact may […]

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