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By Mark Marshall

Guitar Instructor

Led by guitar instructor Mark Marshall who has 20 years of experience. Mark believes in customizing lessons to the interests of each individual student. Communication is also a big key, I work hard to find ways to relay information in a way that is relevant to your life. Everybody doesn’t have the same goals so I don’t teach that way. The lesson plans are different for someone looking to play for fun and relaxation then someone looking to pursue music as a career.

(I also offer online guitar lessons via skype.)

With each lesson you will get a print copy and a PDF for your records of whatever we go over that day. You will also get a link to download a video of me playing the lesson at slow speed and regular speed to help you learn throughout the week after I’ve left. Sometimes it’s helpful just to see it again. The video’s have been helpful to many students.

Click Here For Intermediate Guitar Lessons And Advanced Guitar Lessons Info.

Lessons come with free support during the week as well if you have any questions.

What will I learn?
I teach music through song. Guitar Lessons NYC has transcribed hundreds of songs in a simple and effective manner that is easily readable even by someone who is just starting out. I also have a large database of skills that are connected to songs to ensure consecutive learning in maintained.

How will I learn?

I like to teach with what I call consecutive learning. When someone takes lessons from me, I have a clear vision of what steps need to be laid out for their progress. Each student is unique as everyone has their own interests. I plan a journey for each student and keep track of their progress.

Can I pick a song to learn?
No problem, I can learn the song, teach it to you and give you a paper chart/PDF for your records. This is a non discriminate environment. There is no judgement of music. You should learn the music that inspires you no matter what style that is.

(Online guitar lessons can be a very convenient way to learn as well.)

Do I have to learn music theory and how to read music at Guitar Lessons NYC by Mark Marshall ?
No, not unless you’re looking to be on a music career path. These things aren’t necessary for someone looking to play for pleasure. I can make very simple charts that you don’t need a lot of experience to read. I can also make traditional charts for those going down that path. Here is an example of a traditional chart:

Traditional Music ChartDo you teach advanced music theory?
Yes, whether you’re looking to get deep into chords, modes, composition, reading, technique or anything music theory related I can give you all of the information you will need to not only understand, but effectively use it. I have also designed a system for practice that speeds up improvement.

How long are lessons?
In general, lessons are 1 hour. However, I do have some students that want to study deeper with take 2-3 hour lessons.

How loften are lessons?

I recommend weekly or bi-weekly lessons. Spacing lessons any further apart then bi-weekly makes it difficult to teach and for the student to learn. Consistency is key to advancement.

Where do your lessons with Mark Marshall take place?
I travel to people’s apartments/homes throughout NYC within reasonable range or you can also come to my office. I also teach personal live web lessons via Skype and Facetime. With online guitar lessons there is no limit to location.

What kind of guitar do you teach?
I teach Electric, Acoustic and Slide guitar.

Q: should I start lessons on the acoustic guitar?

A: You should start with whichever guitar you like. Acoustic or electric. Acoustic guitars tend to be a little harder to play. This is sometimes considered good because it toughens up your muscles and callous’ quicker, but it doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy Guitar Lessons NYC more. Even though they are both guitars they are slightly different instruments with regard to what people play on them.

Q: What age is best to start?

A: There is no perfect age to start. The right time is when you’re interested. I would say students should be at least 5 years old. There is never a told old age to learn.

Q: I seem to be hitting walls can you help me?

A: Yes, I have a system to help prevent you from getting stuck. With my system you should in theory never get stuck again. I’ve spent a lot of time researching what is the cause for “burn out” or getting stuck. Guitar Lessons NYC has devised a technique to help you maintain forward motion no matter what your skill level is.

(I can help you get past your wall in person or via online guitar lessons.)

Q: Should I play with a guitar pick or fingers?

A: it depends on the kind of music you want to play. Different tools for different jobs. There isn’t a right or wrong choice. James Taylor play with his fingers. Metallica plays with a pick. Robert Johnson plays with Fingers, Eric Clapton plays with a pick. It’s more about what kind of music you are aiming to play.

Q: I know all the modes yet my solo’s still seems disconnected, can you help?

A: Yes, it’s great that you’ve gotten an understanding of modes. This is something that confuses many players. Knowing them is only part of the challenge though. It’s where you stress your phrasing and on which notes you stress. Guitar Lessons NYC by Mark Marshall can help you harness the power of your mode knowledge.

Q: What material slide is best?

A: There is no superior material for slide. They all offer slightly different tonal variations. They all do the same thing. Some are brighter then others and some have more sustain. You should find one you’re comfortable playing at first. I personally have a thing for old glass medicine bottles because they have a nice resonance to them. I know some people that prefer brass. Apples and oranges.

Q: Do I need a special guitar to play slide?

A: No. Some guitarists (including myself) have a few guitars set up to make slide playing easier. but, you can play slide on almost any guitar. Super low action is not desired for slide, but can work.

Q: What kind of music is best for beginners at Guitar Lessons NYC by Mark Marshall ?

A: The kind of music you listen to!! I can teach the fundamentals of guitar with any type of music. You should be playing music that is fun and makes you want to pick up the instrument. I have no music prejudices.

Q: How long are guitar lessons nyc by Mark Marshall ?

A: for anyone older then 8 years old I recommend 1 hour lessons.

Q: What books do you work out of?

A: I work out of my own books. I have a curriculum as well as 100’s of hand transcribed songs in every style. At Guitar Lessons NYC there are no uniform lessons. Not everybody is the same person, why should teachers teach that way? Your lessons will be unique to you. After each lesson you will have documentation for everything you’ve learned that day to keep for your records.

Q: Do I have to play slide in an open tuning?

A: No. It may make some things sound a little different because of availability to notes, but in theory you can play all the same notes you would play in open tuning in standard. I like a mixture of standard tuning slides and open tunings. Depends on application. Guitar Lessons NYC by Mark Marshall will guide you in choosing whats best for every application. .

Q: Some people play slide with a thumb pick, can you teach me that?

A: Yes. Muddy Waters played with a thumb pick. I can help you develop that technique and teach you songs that use a thumb-pick.

Q: Do you play and teach any other instruments? 

Yes!! I’m an experienced session drummer as well as bassist. This has given me a great insight into guitar playing. some of my students take lessons on multiple instruments. Some with the intent of getting deep into other instruments. Some who just want to use it as a springboard to get deeper into guitar.

Have more questions? Feel free to send me an email!! Guitar Lessons NYC by Mark Marshall is your one stop guitar knowledge base.

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