Brooklyn Guitar Lessons -How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

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A common question from new students for Brooklyn Guitar Lessons is how long will it take to be able to play? It seems like a simple enough question, but it’s not. There are so many factors that change progress. The biggest thing to remember is if you want to learn guitar you will learn guitar.

The problem with giving any answer to the question is it can lead to disappointment. People often keep in mind the time frame you mention to use as a mile marker. This can be disappointing if its takes you a little longer then predicted. Its much better to set your sights on other goals. For instance you could set a goal with Brooklyn Guitar Lessons to learn a specific song you love. That gives you something concrete to work towards. It’s a goal you can reach too.

You never stop learning. The life of playing an instrument is one of constant growth. Lets look at some of the things that lead to different learning speeds for students.

Prior musical experience:

Guitar students that have played another instrument for a period of time in their life are likely to have a head start. Of course it depends how much time the student spent on the previous instrument. If you happen to remember quite a bit you’ll have a little head start with Brooklyn Guitar Lessons . This is because there are a lot of things in music that remain the same from instrument to instrument. Example: notes in a scale, how long a whole note lasts for.

If you have never played an instrument before you shouldn’t feel like you’re behind. Everybody has to learn the same information. Its not often thy others pick it up quicker, they just may have put “time in” before starting lessons. For instance if they played violin for a few years. As a new student to guitar and music you’re not learning slower, you’re just starting from scratch which everyone does.

Time practicing for Brooklyn Guitar Lessons :

Everybody’s schedule is different. Like most things in life the more time spent the more in returns. This does not mean that because you don’t have hours to dedicate to guitar everyday you wont be good. It just may take you a little longer. Its not a race and you shouldn’t put that kind of pressure onto yourself. You should enjoy the time you get to play everyday. You should also make the most out of every second you have. Proper practice techniques can help you progress faster with whatever time you can set aside.

I’ve been teaching Brooklyn Guitar Lessons for two decades now. I still cant asses how long it will take a student to get “good”. I can assess how long it should take to be able to play a chord or understand theory. But actually playing is completely in the hands of the student. I can guarantee you will have all the tools to progress as fast as possible.

People often ask “the question” out of fear they wont get good. If you practice you will get good. You do have to have some sort of understanding of the way your brain works and the amount of time it takes to digest information from Brooklyn Guitar Lessons .

Just because you learned something doesn’t mean you’ll instantly be able to use it. This doesn’t change in your career. There is a gestation period from when you learn something until you’re able to effectively use it. You have to create a habit. I’m not talking about a bad habit, but a good habit. One average it takes about 30-60 days to develop a habit. This varies from person to person and subject matter at Brooklyn Guitar Lessons .

Its fair to say that if you’re working on a new skill it may take 30-60 days to get to the point that its natural and you don’t have to think about it. I other words until you’ve developed a habit.

The other thing about guitar us you have to develop both your physical muscle memory as well as your mental concentration. You have to understand the principles and then be able to apply them.

“Enjoy the ride” may very well be cliche but its true. You wanted to take Brooklyn Guitar Lessons because guitar interests you. Who cares if you learn faster or slower then someone else? It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a better musician because it appears you learn faster. We’r all heading to the same destination. Some take the scenic route. You only lose when you don’t enjoy what you’re doing.

Putting too much pressure and stress on yourself does not speed the progress up.  In fact it slows you down. Its been proven that when your overly stressed your memory weakens. You simply don’t retain as much and you’re no as effective at recalling thoughts.

The best approach? Relax. Its not only good for your soul but helps your playing. To answer the question at the core of the question (see what i did there?)…. You will be able to play guitar. Everyone can if they want to and Brooklyn Guitar Lessons will be glad to be your trail guide!!

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