Guitar Lessons in NYC -Preparing for your First Lesson

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You have your guitar with pick in hand and you’re ready to have your first guitar lessons in NYC. You may be wondering what other items you may need for your first day of school… I mean lessons. You won’t be needing any P+B sandwiches or a note from your mom but you will need a few other class related things. I always like my students to bring the following items to their lessons.

Staff Music Paper with Tablature

It’s important for you to have this because although I have a library of songs already written out there may be a song, riff or technique that I don’t have. The staff/paper notebook allows me to save time writing lines for all guitar lessons in NYC on a paper. This leaves me with more time to explain things. Because each student has different interests I don’t teach out of one book. I use the many materials I have collected and written to customize your learning experience. There are a couple of companies like Archives that make tablets of staff paper.


I will have plenty of printed music to give you and a folder will help you keep it organized. It’s important to have all of your materials on you for every lesson. Sometimes we may be learning a new song and need to reference an older guitar lessons in NYC assignment. It also helps focus your practice time if you’re organized. If you’re unorganized you may end up spending half of your lesson or practice time looking for your music. If you feel like getting fancy you can invest in a hole punch. This way you could permanently attach the charts in a binder.

If you don’t want to punch holes in the lessons you could also get plastic sleeves. You place the music in the sleeve which already has holes in it.

Small Notebook

This will be used to write down notes for guitar lessons in NYC that don’t fit quite so well on staff music paper. There are occasions where you will want to take notes to help recalling information at home. It can also be used to create lists of songs you would like to learn as well as keeping track of goals and accomplishments.

Post It Notes

“Post it’s” can be a great tool. if you happen to be at home and discover something you’re uncertain about in your lesson you should write it down on a post it and attach it to the sheet. That way you don’t forget. You can attach it to various guitar lessons in NYC that you’ve already had to grab your attention. Sometimes when people come for a lesson they forget to as things. Even at an hour things feel like they move fast and distract you from remembering a question. Asking questions is an important part of learning and taking lessons. You should ask questions as frequently as you have them. Never think a question is stupid!!


I’m not in favor of using pens in lessons. If you make a mistake and have to cross things out it can look sloppy and make it harder for you to locate important information. Clean documentation is helpful to education when taking guitar lessons in NYC. With a pencil you can erase mistakes. Yes I know it’s very 1920’s but somethings just aren’t improved upon.

You should also make sure there is an eraser on the pencil. If there is no eraser then it kind of ruins the idea of being able to ERASE your mistakes.

Folder On Your Hard Drive

You’re not actually going to bring your hard drive with you to a lesson!! This falls into the homework category. Well almost. You’re not going to get graded or anything. Or are you?!?! I send out a PDF of all the completed guitar lessons in NYC to each students email. This is in-case something get’s spilled on your “homework” or your dog eats it or in most cases you lose it. refer to number 2!!

Once you receive the email with the lesson in it (which happens after you get home from the lesson) you will download it into the new folder just for lessons. That means you don’t put anything in there except for your lesson PDF’s. No pictures of grandma or any movies you may download. Just lessons. Doing this will prevent you having to search through emails desperately trying to find the document.

Guitar tuner

I recommend each student to have a tuner. I will show you how to use it during your first guitar lessons in NYC. I’ve had some students think they’re practicing the wrong thing because it sounds bad. The reason was often that the guitar was way out of tune. It’s very discouraging when whatever you play sounds bad and you don’t realize it’s not your fault.

Most of these items can be purchased at an office supply store with the exception of Staff paper and a guitar tuner. You will need to go to a music store for that. Some book stores will have Staff paper in stock. You can also order everything from Amazon.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to helping you further with guitar lessons in nyc – Take care.

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