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Remembering information from Guitar Lessons NYC may seem intimidating before your first class. But, I set it up so you don’t have to rely on your memory. A lot of guitar schools will jot down a few notes and send you on your way, but I take it a step further. I create a video covering all the topics of the lessons each week. This takes care of a vital flaw with most take home notes…. Seeing. There are a lot of instances with guitar where it’s very beneficial to see how I move my fingers. Subtleties that can’t be written down.

You may go away for vacation, come back and have a hard time catching up where you left off. You have the Guitar Lessons NYC notes but can’t quite remember the angle of your hand. You may start to hold your pick at an incorrect angle and can’t remember the teachers demonstration.

The video helps eliminate these problems. It’s been said watching a guitarist in person and/or playing along is one of the most valuable learning activities. There is something about seeing it that makes a special connection with the human mind.

History Behind Such A Simple Idea

I can remember when I was learning guitar, I had a friend who played and we would jam. In the short time we spent together I would pick up so much. When you view things in person at Guitar Lessons NYC you can “copy cat” the movements. It’s hard to copy cat from print.

A lot of my learning process was slow. I was learning out of books with very little “in person” collaboration.This was mostly due to the slim number of musicians in my area. I could feel myself moving slower then I wanted.

YouTube appeared on the scene and it was a guitarists learning revolution. You could dial up a video of your favorite song (often live in concert) and get a close up view. I remember watching footage from Cream era Eric Clapton that blew my mind grape. Having this inside view changed my left hand thumb technique as well as clarifying box patterns and fingerings. The stage was set for Guitar Lessons NYC video lessons.

Through this I was able to quickly get better tone and achieve more fluid phrasing. This was just in the “Flintstonian” days of the Internet too. During a time when we used something called dial-up. Whaaat is dial up? You’ll be seeing examples of that in the museums soon.

It was at that moment I not only realized how powerful watching someone play is, but how valuable it is to repeat the observation. Of course at that time it wasn’t practical to record lessons on video. The Internet was slow!! It would have taken days to upload a video. Not to mention the tools needed to record a video and edit it. It was an epic event.

Now in our “Jetsons” reality it’s a breeze for Guitar Lessons NYC . I open up iMovie on my ipad, record the bits of important information, edit and zoom off to your dropbox. Takes minutes. I may not get any recognition from the “academy” for my editing and acting performances, but you’ll be amazed how much it helps.

In Practice

I’ve found that the videos reduce a massive amount of questions. I offer free support during the week to all my students. I rarely get questions though because between the PDF documents and video that accompany each lesson there is little room for confusion.

With the Guitar Lessons NYC video you can replay it everyday and compare your hand placement or movement to mine. You will of-course still have notes with diagrams to assist practice.

There are concepts in music that is confusing to many students. My job as a teacher is to find a way to explain it in a unique way to each student. I dig until I find an analogy that works for you.

After I find an explanation that clicks with you, I record that same rundown on the video. The communication will always be the same from lesson to video. My goal is to eliminate as much confusion as possible at Guitar Lessons NYC .

How Does It Work?

The last few minutes of a lesson I use my trusty iPad to video all of the notes/explanations of the day as well as play examples of what we learned. Once I get home I upload the file to a shared Dropbox folder. Once it’s uploaded you can download to your computer and save. From there you’ll have easy access any time you practicing.

Sometimes with books you feel like you’re trying to decode a special message. It can seem foreign and often a one time explanation isn’t enough. Who wants to spend all that time to just end up decoding “drink more ovaltine”?

At Guitar Lessons NYC I have found when students have to spend time decoding they become frustrated and less interested. My intentions are to avoid that at all times.

The more visual the better.I’m obviously not the first to discover this. Once VHS came out there was a boom of how to instructional videos. That continued with DVD and now the Internet. What is different with my videos? They are not mass produced. They are personal videos of OUR lessons and explanations. Answering your exact questions. Displaying in detail the songs we’re learning.

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