NYC Guitar Lessons -How to find the best Guitar Teacher in NYC

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Finding the NYC guitar lessons is going to be really important when you’re searching for the right guitar instructor. Not all teachers are the same. Each teacher has their own personality and method, you need to choose one that’s appropriate for you. For instance someone might be a great jazz teacher but you’re interest are in metal. That’s not going to be a great match even if the teacher is a master jazz guitarist. Someone may be a great guitarist but is grumpy and doesn’t make you want to learn.

To further complicate things there is no guitar teacher certification system for nyc guitar lessons or anywhere. That means anyone who just picked up a guitar can label themselves a teacher. This doesn’t usually happen to this extreme of-course. However there are plenty of instructors that aren’t really qualified to be a teacher.

Here are some things to consider:


Just because someone is a great guitar player does not make them a great teacher. Teaching is a lot about communication. You need to find a teacher that can explain very patiently the steps that are required in your NYC guitar lessons every time you meet. If you have a teacher that just plays licks at full speed in front of you without any discussion it’s not going to be to your advantage. Great teachers are concerned with you fully understanding your lesson not just playing for you. A great teacher will find ways to describe techniques, chords, songs or theory to you in a way that relates to your life. even though I often teach students similar concepts the way I explain them changes as I relate things to their own personal lives.

If you get in a room for a teacher and they are showing off for you run for the high hills. It’s a clear sign that they’re more interested in showing off then teaching you.


Each teacher has their own method for teaching. Some have a curriculum that they stick to rigidly. This is not necessarily bad if the curriculum they are offering is one that you’re looking for. For the NYC guitar lessons I offer, I like to use what I call a “dynamic curriculum”. This means that I don’t have concrete lesson plans. I have many lessons plans developed but I adjust to each students interests. Think of it as an information match maker. I have a library of songs, transcriptions, lesson excises, theory worksheets. You name it. One size does not fit all though. I make decisions about your goals and tastes.

When I was young I took guitar lessons for a little while. I was always attracted to guitar. The lessons turned me off though because the teacher was making me play “Mary Had A Little Lamb”. I was already into Abbey Road and would have much preferred “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”.

It’s good to have a conversation with a prospective teacher about their teaching method.

Some good questions:

What is your philosophy on offering NYC guitar lessons and music?
Do you teach out of a book?
Can I learn songs I like?
Do I have to learn to read music if I don’t want to?


A great teacher will not move on until they are convinced you fully understand the material from each topic. If you find your teacher moves to quickly you should immediately tell them so they can learn your rate of learning. If upon multiple mentions you’re still having the same problem you should look for a new teacher. Some students feel like there is something wrong with them when they don’t understand lessons and it makes them feel insecure. This is not the fault of the student but of the teacher. You as a student should not feel bad about not understanding something ever!!


A great teacher will never loose their cool when explaining things. Yelling or belittling are never positive reinforcement techniques for NYC guitar lessons or any type of lessons. A quality teacher will not get frustrated if you happen to progress a little slow. A teacher may be straight with you if you’re not practicing or talk to you about your musical shortcomings as these are crucial to growth but, this should never be done in a negative manner. Lessons should be fun!!

Shared interests:

Finding the right match in a teacher also revolves around shared musical interests. I mentioned earlier about a jazz teacher not being right for a training metal guitarist. Let’s talk about that a little more. Different styles of guitar require different techniques. Sometimes they are small differences, but they do add up.

How many flavors of NYC guitar lessons are there? A lot!! How does it affect your learning process? For instance a flamenco guitarist does not play the same way as a blues guitarist does. They may say that they can teach you blues which sometimes means they understand some of the theory behind blues, but it doesn’t mean they understand the fundamental technique related to blues. Ask your potential teacher who their favorite guitarists are.

There are teachers out there that can authentically play multiple styles. So don’t just discount someone because they play several styles of guitar, but ask to hear or see some video examples of them playing the style you want to learn. Watch youtube videos from players you admire and see/hear if the prospective teacher captures that style.


Be wary of too good to be true prices on guitar lessons. Where I live, guitar Lessons NYC range from $50 – $75 an hour. In general the price goes up as the experience level does. If someone is offering you a price a lot lower then other teachers be wary. A teacher that is really experienced is unlikely to work at less then standard rates. It may seem like a good deal, but it’s not. You’ll save a little money sure but you’re more likely to get poor lessons.

The cost of lessons vary on where you are in the country or wold. It’s good idea to shop around and find out common rates in your area. You pay for what you get.


We live in amazing times. We’re not locked into the teachers available in the town we live in. If you’re located in a small town somewhere you can still take the best guitar lessons. Some teachers such as myself are using Skype or Facetime to give online guitar lessons. It’s making it that much easier to find an appropriate teacher for your interests. Some students really enjoy the freedom to learn in their own home without having to travel.

Scheduling is another road block with lessons. I’ve been dealing with this by video taping some NYC guitar lessons for students and making them available for download. This has made some students very happy. They can still receive customized lessons geared toward their interests, study on an irregular schedule and have videos to review.

Trial Lesson:

Most teachers will give you a deal to try them out. Some common deals are first lesson half off, a free half lesson and second lesson free. Ask a prospective teacher about trial NYC guitar lessons and what deals they offer.

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