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There are many different viewpoints on what a guitar teacher is. My vision of lessons at Mark Marshall’s nyc guitar school is similar to a personal trainer. Or a coach. There are some teachers that have the philosophy of sharing the same info for everybody. Similar to a public school classroom.

I tend to embrace the unique qualities and interests of each student. Much like everybody’s bodies are different so is their path. Not every student comes to me looking to learn the same thing. Students are not drones so why teach that way?

I suppose one reason teachers may choose the “bulk” teaching plan is because of the complications of managing many students. I don’t find it hard if you stay organized at nyc guitar school . It requires making lists and updating them which means being disciplined. When you go to a doctors office you expect them to know what you talked about at your last appointment. They may not be able to recall from the top of their heads, but they read notes they made on your last visit. Hmmm… There’s an idea!! Make notes of what you’ve discussed in each lesson.

This way when we meet I already know what we went over in the last lesson. And also importantly I’m thinking about how we’re going to build upon that for the following lesson.

You might think of it as keeping a lesson history. There are many things I’m going to have to keep in mind at nyc guitar school throughout a students class career. Some of those things are:

Goals – What is each student looking to get out of guitar? Some students are looking to either go to college or pursue music as a career. Other students may be interested in playing guitar for fun. When you look at it this way it becomes clear there are going to be different “information highways” for each type of student.

The depth of information tends to be more technical and analytical for those who wish to pursue music for a career. For students that come to nyc guitar school looking to have fun and play their favorite songs we apply a filter. Not all theory or “musical data” is going to be necessary. In fact it can get in the way.

It can be viewed as a video game programmer versus a player. The programmer is going to need to understand all the 1’s and 0’s. The player doesn’t need to in order to play the game.

To deal with this I act as the filter for the student. I give the appropriate information at the appropriate time based on the needs of each guitarist.

Preferences – what kind of music is each student interested in? It’s important to the learning process to play things that keep you interested. Just because I like a song at nyc guitar school doesn’t mean you should learn it even it may have a valuable lesson connected to it. There more then likely the chance that a song by an artist you love can be used as an example for the same demonstration of technique.

I don’t have a set of interests I’m looking to push. My interest is your progression as a player.

History – It’s not only good to have a record of what we went over in the last lesson but what about 4 lessons ago? Information is like links in a chain. If I don’t have a nyc guitar school history how can I be aware of the progress you’ve made and if you’re meeting you goals?

Lessons aren’t random. Receiving information is an unorganized manner makes learning harder. You do better when you build upon knowledge much like you would build a house. You start with the foundation and build up That doesn’t mean we can’t take a detour every once in a while. In fact it means when we do take an intentional detour it’s always easy to get back on track.

Skills – I use this list to keep track of the skills you have acquired or need to acquire to reach your goals. For example: At nyc guitar school you may be learning “time of Your Life” from Greenday. I may make note about the minor 7th chord voicing you’re working on. I may also make note if you are having any issues playing the chord and what they are.

You may be learning “Monkey Wrench” by the Foo Fighters. This means working on tuning to Drop D and playing power chords with your first finger. I’m going to track your progress with these techniques.

Songs – in this category I write down songs that you want to learn at nyc guitar school . We’ll make a list together. I will pull from this list as much as I can to teach you the techniques associated with that style of music. I’m able to do this because I create my own transcriptions that also include tab. I learn the songs you like. Everything you need to know about music is in a song.

I prefer to have as long a list as possible from each student. This gives me more flexibility when choosing material for each lesson.

Take a peak at one of my nyc guitar school history of lessons lists below. This student just started with me and is very much into Surf guitar such as Dick Dale and the Ventures.

Example of a students lesson history Example of a students lesson history

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