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There is more to guitar lessons then sitting in front of a teacher and opening up a book. You’re not just at Mark Marshall’s NYC Guitar School to acquire documents. You’re there for communication. That thing that gets lost when you’re reading a book. Those little sub conscious details you can only pick up watching and listening to someone in person and not through a YouTube link.

This became evident to me some time ago when I was touring with a world renowned Brazilian drummer. During the tour I dropped in on a few clinics he was giving. He would give people drums, stand in front of them and play a phrase. Then without explaining it make them play it back. If they didn’t get it right he said NO!! Do it again!! He made them continue until they not only got the phrase right but until it sounded just like his phrase.

He would repeat his phrase every time before they played. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

At first I thought this was a very tough way of teaching for a NYC Guitar School . After thinking about it for sometime it dawned on me he was trying to teach something words can’t express. He could have given them a big speech about the technicalities of what he was doing, but he didn’t. I believe because in the end you have to internalize music.

Where he grew up music is passed down through generations. When you first learn what a banana is someone doesn’t read you the definition from a dictionary. You point and say banana.

I don’t personally approach my lessons this way. At NYC Guitar School I like to explain things in detail more as well as play it as demonstration. A combination of techniques. For instance even though I do have transcriptions for everything we work on, I prefer to start by showing you. The transcriptions are for reference.

We play back and forth. This is the part you can’t do at home. To further help I record a video of me playing the lesson so you can watch during the week.

Having a teacher should mean you have access to the opportunity to internalize music more and ask questions. Some of my biggest ah ha moments came from watching people.

Before starting NYC Guitar School I grew up in a small town where there weren’t a lot of guitar players. This was the time before YouTube came out. I was kind of on my own. I remember when YouTube came out and I was able to watch videos of the Beatles and Clapton up close, freeze a frame and repeat. It answered so many questions for me. Helped me break bad habits. Opened up new doors.

I had been learning the songs from CDs and I had the notes right, but sometimes something just wasn’t right about my approach. This is where seeing it in person connected the dots. It was a true revelation.

Having a teacher NYC Guitar School in person even takes it a step further. You get the opportunity to ask about any little detail that can be hanging you up. You get a close up look from as many different angles as possible. I’m able to rephrase an explanation in many different ways until we find a comparison that is relevant to you.

Great communication skills are one of the biggest assets a teacher can have. If you’re not good at conveying a message how are you qualified to share information that can be confusing for many?

The best teachers I’ve had in my life have all had great communication skills. You’re not paying for NYC Guitar School lessons to come into a room and have someone throw down a piece of paper, not talk or demonstrate!! You’re not paying to walk into a lesson room and have a teacher spend the entire time showing off. You’re paying for them to be experts not only in knowledge but information delivery.

Think about your favorite teachers in school. What do they have in common? I bet they all have great communication in common.

A great teacher is going to be watching you, observing how you’re comprehending the information. At NYC Guitar School I won’t move on until I know you have a grasp of the concepts in discussion.

I never want a student to leave a lesson confused. This is why I also give free support during the week. I always make myself available for questions. There should never be a time when you leave a lesson and have no idea what you went over. At guitar lessons nyc that won’t happen because of the PDF and video documentation you get from every lesson.

One of the major things I picked up from observing those clinics is what it takes to really learn something at NYC Guitar School . In our Western world we have a tendency to think once we’ve been shown something we’ve learned it. In reality we’ve just started our learning process.

It takes time to attain what we call over-learning. Getting to that point of learning a concept that you don’t have to think of it anymore. When you see a banana you don’t really think that much about what it is anymore, do you? You just know it.

I’ve designed my lesson plans to help guitarists achieve this without repetition that makes you numb. At NYC Guitar School I’m always planning stuff out in the background to keep moving forward and re-enforce ideas/techniques we’re trying to “over-learn”.

This is the case even when you’re picking songs to learn. Lessons aren’t random. I’m not pulling from a script. Every students lessons are a little different. Even though they are each different I’m able to see every students anticipated destination and map accordingly.

Let us remember it’s not just the destination though, it’s the trip. How we get there is just as important to getting there. It’s much nicer to take the scenic route then an ugly freeway. Learning at NYC Guitar School is no different. You’re more likely to succeed if you’re receiving information in a manner that makes sense to you. This is where communication makes the difference.

A graph of the qualities a guitar teacher should possess.

A graph of the qualities a guitar teacher should possess.

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