Prescription Electronics Experience Fuzz

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There are a lot of fuzz pedals on the market today. It seems everyone is getting in on the fuzz craze. May I dare to call it a Fraze?!?! Ok, maybe not. The Prescription Electronics Experience pedal isn’t some pubescent peach fuzz. It’s more like a hip groomed five o clock shadow. I have found it to be one of the most flexible fuzz boxes manufactured. It also helps they’ve been around for quite a while and clearly have all the kinks worked out.

There are three tiers to pedals versatility. There is bedroom, stage and studio cred. Sometimes pedals will be good at one, but few are great at all three. For example, the Electro Harmonix Big Muff is a standard. However, I find the Big Muff difficult to record. There is something unflattering about the eq curve on it. It can be harsh, but not harsh in a cool ZVex Fuzz Factory kind of way. The Experience tone knob has a lot of sweetness to it.  That’s right I said sweetness!!  It can be brash but not harsh. It can be warm but not muddy. The gain knob can go from very subtle to snarly fuzz. When the gain knob is set low it echo’s a Dunlop FuzzFace, with one exception. Where the Fuzzface has an almost dead playing quality to it, the Experience is very responsive.

The Experience pedal has some other goonies (woops meant goodies). It has an Octavia (plays notes an octave higher then you fret them). The Octavia is well done but not over cooked. The tracking is tight and the tone is punchy. The swell feature takes the attack off the note when you pluck it. Trippy concept right? Where as the rest of the pedal is pretty much idiot proof, this feature requires some time to tweak.

I like to think of the Experience pedal as the Gateway Fuzz for songwriters. There are sessions where I tried to slip some fuzz into the equation. I glance over only to see the artist giving me bitter beer face. Because of the pleasing qualities of the Experience, scared artists will enjoy it without even realizing you’re feeding them broccoli covered in cheese (aka fuzz). Before you know it.

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