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One thing I think is really important when taking private guitar lessons NYC is a record of history. As a teacher I keep a log of the exercises and topics from each lesson. This is helpful because each week when a student walks in the door I immediately know what we worked on. This also allows me to prepare for each lesson. I gather materials, pick exercises and prepare to give each student the information to continue gradual learning.

It’s interesting how many guitar teachers don’t really take lessons seriously. They consider it a quick way to make money. They teach with no direction. Although you may still be able to learn this way, it’s certainly not the most effective way to take private guitar lessons NYC . Lessons are kind of like school, except hopefully you enjoy them more. How is it like school? If you haven’t killed all of your brain cells you’ll be able to remember that when you were in class everyday the teacher had a plan. They didn’t ask you “what did we do yesterday?” unless that was a quiz in itself. They know what you did yesterday as well as last week and the weeks before. This is because they have a master plan.

So how do I teach private guitar lessons nyc with a master plan and be able to customize lessons? Simple, I’m able to tie in songs you know and want to learn and match them with skill building you will need to grow. I have an extensive library of transcribed songs with a lesson plan for each one. If I don’t happen to have a specific song you desire it’s very easy for me to learn and create an appropriate lesson plan.

Part of the luxury of taking private guitar lessons nyc with me is that I’m not only a library of knowledge but also of material. You leave each lesson with documents of what we learned that day. You’ll have clear direction on the elements you’ll need to practice. I’ll also be keeping a progress report. It won’t be anything your “guardian” will have to sign. No poor work notices here!! Just some notes so I know what musical interests you have, what your goals are, what techniques you’ve worked on, what we’ll work on next week, what we worked on last week and many other notes.

After all when you take private guitar lessons nyc with me you’re looking for a hands on experience. I like to think of myself as a trail guide. I have a map of where you’re going. I will choose a route that is based on each unique individual. This is far from fast food guitar lessons.

One might wonder what advantage it is to have records of lessons from 6 months ago or longer. The reason is everything you learn is tied together. They are links in a chain. There may be a time in 6 months that we learn something that can be tied to knowledge we acquired 4 months ago. Taking private guitar lessons nyc by Mark Marshall assures you will have “linked” learning. You will build upon each skill you acquire with the music that interests you. Association is one of the biggest assistants in learning. As a teacher if you don’t know what you taught a student 3 months ago how can you be effective at associative learning?

I’ve been teaching a long time and still to this day occasionally take lessons myself. The reason being not only to get out of my own habits, but to research better ways I can teach. Often it’s been a real eye opener as to what not to do during a lesson. I have been lucky to have a few amazing private guitar lessons nyc by other masters. I’ve also been fortunate to see the many “in and out the door” approaches teachers have. Your teacher should be excited to guide you through a musical exploration of guitar. Personally, I get very excited to not only share my extensive knowledge of the instrument, but a similar love for music.

This question might come up, “How do I know if I’ve found a good teacher that keeps records”?. You ask!! Any teacher that’s worth their weight in salt (apparently salt used to worth a bit more) will be glad to sit down prior to their first private guitar lesson in nyc and discuss their method. I’m glad when people ask me questions prior to their first lessons. Not only does it clear up questions they may have but it helps me to understand they style each student will react best to.

A great teacher will be an organized teacher. You’re teacher should never be scrambling for material when you walk in the door. That’s not to say that you can’t decide to learn something different mid lesson. It just means the teacher should have a starting game plan for each lessons.
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