Shine a Light on Me” Tips for the Pro Guitarist pt.5

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Stages are often dark places. It can be very difficult to see things while setting up, not to mention when you lose something. Has a slide ever rolled off your amp and it feels like you’re on the floor for 10 minutes searching? How about a pickup selector switch fly’s off into the stage abyss? These are just a few things that can go wrong on a gig.

The darker the room the more difficult it is to respond. A simple purchase of a small flashlight can simplify these situations when they occur. You can purchase one pretty cheap. Check out this keychain light: This mini flashlight is also great. You would be surprised how often you could use one on a gig. You can’t expect the sound man will have one.

Next time a patch cable is acting weird and you need to check the inputs and outputs on a pedal you won’t have to guess in darkness.

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