Top 7 Guitar Songs of the Week -Feb 24th 2013

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I recommended listening to one song of the Top 7 Guitar Songs of the Week per day. Take it in and enjoy. Let the music absorb all the space. (Cannot get that Five Guys Burger song out of my head, help!!)

Here is the list:

Aretha Franklin “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)” from Young, Gifted and Black

The rhythm guitar track in this song really carries a lot of weight with its 16th note pulse and left hand muting. It definitely has roots in Motown but with a little more edge. Listen to the accents. They have an attack like a percussion instrument. Behind every great guitarist there is nuanced rhythm technique.

Beatles “Two of Us” from Let it Be

Really you can just say Beatles without further explanation and its enough. Still, I don’t think enough can be said. Listen to the acoustic 12 string rhythm played by Paul. It’s very broad. It’s like a hi hat, guiro and guitar in one. The rhythm is so consistent and smooth. He see,s to accent in less them obvious places and it compliments the groove so well. Could he be using a thin pick? Hmmmm..

Laura Marling “Salinas” from A Creature I Don’t Know

This song is a prime example of how a subtle electric guitar part can compliment a very acoustic sounding recording. Mostly consisting of notes/chords on the bottom 4 strings it adds depth and warmth to the acoustic. Nothing like a well written melody played with P90’s. Zeppelin meets Lucinda Williams tone.

The Ventures “Up Up and Away” from Batman Theme

This track is Duane Eddie meets an alien on a surf board headed to watch a spaghetti western. Lots of reverb and playing close to the bridge. The Ventures are masters at guitar melody. Although their tone is considered clean it had grit to it. Just a little snarl. Take note of the muted 16th note melody in the B section. Far out man!!

Otis Redding “Chained and Bound” from Sings Soul Ballads

What is there not to like about the guitar parts Steve Cropper created? They just make you feel good. Pure honesty in the form of an arpeggio. I love that the bottom notes of the chord are gently muted while the high notes are allowed to ring open. The pulsing tremolo through that tweed Harvard just puts it over the top. Ego-less guitar playing at its finest.

Sharon Van Etten “Give Out” from Tramp

I’m a sucker for a guitar with special reverb on it. With the right reverb the guitar starts to loose its attack and almost sounds like a different instrument.
If you listen careful you can hear some of the melodic phrases use hammer ons. The hammers ons effect the reverb differently then a pick attack. The hammer ons and pull offs make the guitar sound exotic. Tasteful!! Such a lovely melody near the end too.

Circle Jerks “Deny Everything” from Circle Jerks

There is a lot of cool bar chord melodies in this short 28 second song. The chords tell the story just as well as the lyrics. The guitar sound is gritty and non apologetic. In your face and pushing the issue. There is a misunderstanding that punk guitarist were sub par for some reason. You have to have good rhythm and bar chord chops to pull this song off. The parts are very inventive and fast.

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