Unpredictable Phenomenon

There are occasions where things don’t go as planned onstage. Gear starts acting funky and you don’t know why. This especially happens with new gear you haven’t used much onstage. Whenever I get a new piece of gear I make sure to twist all the knobs in rehearsal or at home as much as I can. I try to get it to freak out so I know what to expect. Put every knob on 10. Put every other knob on 5. Put every knob on 1. Try it all. If it ain’t broken, BREAK IT!! Push it to all it’s limits so when you get onstage and the unpredictable starts to happen you’ll have a sense of how to fix it. Plus, if it doesn’t blow up you know the gear is gig-worthy. 
Often when people get gear they pull up 1 or 2 safe sounds and off they go. When things get weird you’ll be able to diagnose the problem. 

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