Variation on Open C Tuning

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Today I was on a recording session where the artist was looking for an open sound to accompany the song he wrote. His notes were “camp fire with a special loved one”. Now normally I would pull out the wah wah if ya know what I mean <wink>, but I believe he was not referring to that part of the evening. The song was based in C major and centered around a I IV V progression (C, F, G). I’ve used a few variations of open C tuning before. Most notable version I know of in open C is “Friends” from Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page uses C G C G C E (low to high) on that tune. It’s a great tuning that lends itself to drones.

This song wasn’t quite right for the “Friends” tuning. That tuning was a bit wide for this circumstance. So I came up with a cleaner, brighter C tuning to use. Swallow your happy pills and get ready. E G E G C E. There is no drop tuning so the guitar stays pretty “clean” if you will. Let’s just say it stays more PG. Now normally I’m not very PG, but this tuning is really nice.

In this lesson I’m going to show you a few basic chord shapes for the tuning to get you started. Remember, shiny happy thoughts!!
Variation on Open C Tuning 1
Variation on Open C Tuning 1
Variation on Open C Tuning 3
Variation on Open C Tuning 4
Variation on Open C Tuning 5

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