What are Consecutive Learning Guitar Lessons?

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Consecutive Learning

We have all kinds of ways to acquire guitar related information these days. The internet has allowed us to travel through a universe of guitar knowledge.

Although there is a lot of access to theory or lessons, one thing that eludes many aspiring players is the order of information acquisition.

Woah, that was like the most high brow thing I’ve said in a decade. Let’s keep it real. What I’m saying is, there are often many steps to learning the guitar. If you learn step 11 before you learn step 2, it could slow down your progress.

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There is a process to learning guitar. How are you supposed to be a trail guide if you’ve never taken the trail.

A lot of youtube videos and lessons lack a consecutive learning approach. They just throw all the information out there waiting for you (the magnet) to attract it.

I’m not sating that youtube lessons are not good. They make a great accompaniment to real lessons. But, using them as a foundation for pacing your education will get frustrating and you may not understand why for some time.

I’ve had many students come who learned a lot of great ideas from youtube lessons, but feel confused in the grand scope of the guitar universe.

They have a lot of the pieces to a puzzle, but they’re not sure what it’s supposed to look like.

Guitar Path

As a teacher I’m a trail guide. Not every student has the same interests. For this reason, it’s impossible to teach everyone the same lesson plan.

I keep records of each students progress as well as goals and interests. When students come to me for lessons, it’s not simply because I have information. It’s because they want a process to learn the information.

I notice that when my guitar students study with a consecutive learning process, they’re less confused. This is because the information is linked together.

One complaint I have received from guitar students who have come from other teachers is the lessons don’t seem connected.

They have had bad experiences where they walked into a lesson only for the teacher not to remember what they went over last week. There is no thru-line.

Just because someone is a good guitar player doesn’t mean they’re a good teacher. Possessing information on guitar isn’t enough.

You have to know how to dispense knowledge. Lessons are about the students growth.

Think about when you went to school. You didn’t jump around your study books. The chapters were numbered. They were in order for a reason. Guitar is no different.

The Questionnaire

I don’t believe guitar lessons have to be so regimented. After all, musicians are rebellious. But, hey do have to have some sort of road map.

I like to ask students a lot of questions. Before we even meet for a lesson, I want to know about a guitarists interests, struggles, tastes and goals.

I don’t consider guitar lessons a walk in service. As a guitar student, you won’t gain as much from walk in service style lessons. Education doesn’t flourish in that environment.

Communication is key for learning. Guitar Lesson communication is a two way street. It’s not just about students listening to me play or speak.

It’s vital I know what your thoughts are about each lesson. How you feel you’re progressing.

Looking Back

When I was young and first took guitar lessons I was turned off. The teacher didn’t try to find my own interests. No individuality.

That was a real bummer. It caused me to put down the instrument for a few years. I did eventually pick the guitar back up (obviously). I did gain a value for the way education is shared.

I consider this with every lesson. Not only are lessons with guitarist Mark Marshall well documented. But, I record a video recap that I upload to a shared dropbox folder.

There is no way anyone can remember all the points to a lesson. We’ve all had the experience of leaving a lesson and having a moment of “what did they say”?

The video recaps eliminate confusion. There are simply some things you can’t write down. You have to see certain movements to understand them.

Clear Sight

My goal as a guitar teacher is to make sure you never leave a lesson blurry on any of the subject matter. You may not be able to execute every idea or technique immediately. But, you will understand the concept. Clarity is important to me.

To Learn is to Grow

I like to learn. Still to this day I’m searching out new concepts. I enjoy the process.

I spent some time studying the most effective ways to learn. I wrote about them in my book Practice Makes Progress. There is a free E Book download to the Method of Practice section of the book here.

Since I have an enjoyment of learning guitar, I like t share it. Not just the knowledge of the instrument, but the process of learning.

Consecutive Learning Guitar Lessons will speed up your progress. feel free to reach out and ask me more questions about my process of teaching guitar lessons.

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