Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

There’s not a lot of resources available for intermediate guitar lessons.

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It seems there is a gap in education directed to these individuals. Sometimes, this can lead intermediate players to feel stuck.

intermediate-guitar-lessonsBut there’s no need to get stuck and discouraged. You simply must find a teacher that understands this middle ground. Which by the way, is a really exciting place to be.

Students seeking intermediate guitar lessons online have enough experience under their belts to have seen progress. They also have played enough to see in the future of their capabilities.

The Difference

By now you’re wondering what’s different about intermediate lessons? Are they completely different then traditional lessons?

Well, in my teachings, there is one distinguishing factor that separates various levels of players. The way the information gets explained and distributed.

I’m always taking into consideration the path of the student. My approach to an intermediate guitarist is different then a beginner and advanced player.

This is because the needs of the player is different. My role as a teacher is a trail guide. I’m not randomly pulling out information to hand off.


intermediate-guitar-songsThrough intermediate guitar lessons online students come to me from all over the globe. I often hear a similar complaint. They can’t find a teacher that can relate to their statuses and abilities.

They get frustrated with a one size fits all teaching approach.

One of the most important elements of my education curriculum is picking songs the student really wants to learn. From that list I pick things that match the current topics we’re discussing and developing. Essentially, I scan your desired song list for intermediate guitar songs.

I’m matching interest and content. Learning with the help of intermediate guitar songs is very important. It gives meaning to the concepts you’re learning.

From there we can narrow things down. For instance perhaps you’re at a phase where intermediate acoustic guitar songs will most benefit you. Intermediate accoustic guitar songs can often be a place to really see yourself grow.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a long song list of your own pics. I have a large library of intermediate songs ready to go.

The Workout

We will include intermediate guitar exercises as well as solos. These are supplements to the lessons. I have found that lessons built solely on exercises burn out students. They tend to be non musical, although important.

In moderation they can help and not overwhelm students. One of the problems that comes up when students are thrown too many exercises is they’re not building all muscles equally.

Exercises tend to favor the physical. By the time a player reached the intermediate level it’s imperative they work out the brain as much as fingers.

This stimulation requires song with meaning. My exercises are always in relation to a song with a goal in mind. Not just a far off goal though. A goal that the student can actually see themselves meeting in a comfortable period of time.

The Haze

intermediate-acoustic-guitar-songsI remember being younger and a teacher gave me a scale to practice. It was handed off to me with no example of its use. Kind of like, here you go. Master this in 10 years and you’re good.

I didn’t really have an understanding of what I needed to do or how it fell into the bigger picture.

Blazing Solos

This brings me to talk about intermediate guitar solos. One might wonder why not just jump into the greatest guitar solo known to mankind?

The reason is frustration can be a real buzzkill and prevent forward motion. Who wants that?

It’s better to pick a guitar solo that may require some work, but successful results are attainable. This is how you effectively progress consistently.

New York State of Mind

As you can see so far, intermediate guitar is a state of being. During that state of being it’s important that you’re treating all elements of learning equally.

For instance, at this level you should be learning intermediate guitar chords as well. The idea is we’re creating a balance of all skills at the intermediate level.

This in itself, can help speed the learning process up considerably. So your learning should progress like rising water. Evenly.


There is method behind teaching and not all lessons are equal. A great teacher will drop breadcrumbs on the trail so you can find your way. My knowledge is not a secret and I’m not trying to hide it.

I’m actually excited to share my knowledge. Sharing my knowledge about guitar is intertwined with my own knowledge of learning and growing.

Intermediate guitar lessons come with free support. If you have questions during the week, feel free to send me a note. I’m here to help and keep the path clear.

Extra, Extra
intermediate-songs-to-learn-on-guitarIf your just looking for some free help to become a better guitarist, I often post free intermediate guitar songs as well intermediate guitar lessons on my site. Enter your email and you’ll get access to these freebies as they go live.

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