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For a lot of private guitar lessons NYC discussing guitar technique can often lead to a heated debate in a similar way to politics. Teachers often pick sides and never cross party lines. If you play enough styles of music you start to discover how technique is not a black or white issue. It’s mostly a grey area. The biggest issue turns out to be physical safety. Taking steps to make sure you’re not straining any muscles. This often gets trumped by the idea of what is best to play based on ego. Philosophy verses physiology.

Personally I’m wary of people that stand their ground on anything in music being a hard and fast rule for any private guitar lessons NYC . If you’re playing one specific style of music it’s likely you’re going to find similar techniques and have a basic set of rules. Much like a winter coat isn’t right for summer, some techniques aren’t meant for certain styles of music.

It’s always been a pet peeve of mine when people deem certain techniques that old blues artists used as “incorrect”. You can’t argue with the sound of Skip James. He was not limited in his playing. His technique wasn’t just how he played the strings, but how he achieved his sound. It’s true that his technique wouldn’t be the best for metal, but that’s why with my private guitar lessons NYC I techniques associated with metal when I teach metal.

Techniques are physical tools we use to achieve sound. I’ve heard instructors use the term “limitation” as a scare tactic. “Don’t use that technique or you’ll be limited”. I’ve always found that to be pure rubbish. You don’t use a screwdriver when you need a hammer.

In my lessons I’ve always made it a point to teach the technique associated with the song. If you think about it Chet Atkins played differently then Hubert Sumlin or BB King or Randy Rhodes or Grant Green or Bob Marley or Slash. Good private guitar lessons NYC will understand these differences.

Lets think of it another way. You live in a town with many roads. You’re not going to take the same road to get to every place you visit. Other routes may be more scenic or save time.

This is a common problem with guitar teachers. They often teach styles of music they don’t really understand. Sure a D note is a D note no matter how you cut the cake. But, it takes much more then concrete science to make music. Expression is everything. Simply teaching the song as if it’s a cluster of consecutive notes is a very small snapshot of what’s really happening. You’re not taking private guitar lessons NYC to have such a narrow view.

Detecting the notes is the easiest job. Teaching the expressions is much harder and takes understanding of the language associated with that specific style.

I’m not a teacher who subscribes the same medicine for every ailment. Music doesn’t work that way. There are some basics to playing the guitar that we all teach. There is some truth in each of the techniques strict teachers preach as dictators. The truth is there is no global law on technique.

We live in the YouTube age. Now you can simple place a search and instantly watch videos of masters play. I encourage you to pull up some different artists before taking private guitar lessons NYC . Let’s say Eric Clapton, SRV, BB King, Buddy Guy. Yes they’re all blues players (you can do this with your favorite style of music too). What do you see when you watch them play? Watch their picking hand closely. Watch their fretting hand closely. Do they all play the same? No. Pull up Dimebag Darrell, Randy Rhodes, Kirk Hammet and Jim Root. Do they all play the same? No!!

When taking lessons it’s a great idea to chat with your teacher about their influences and knowledge on the styles you’re interested in. There is nothing wrong with someone that is a specialist on one style. You can find many masters who teach private guitar lessons NYC that really only know one style. This is great if you’re into their style. It’s likely however that if you’re looking to play something very different from their speciality, they aren’t going to be the best help. Even if they’re super talented at their style.

What does all this really mean and how can it be bad? I have been witness to bad advice that has ended up frustrating guitarists. I get students that come from rigid backgrounds and just cant seem to get the sound they’re after. Usually the issue is with their technique.

You always have to keep an open mind with art. My private guitar lessons NYC are designed to not only teach you the songs and music you like but also assist you with the techniques used in creating them. Playing a guitar can be a lot like a puzzle. Except, one where the puzzle shapes change from time to time. If you realize this it will be much easier to make adjustments to accommodate new sounds you may like. But, the biggest concern at private guitar lessons NYC will always be keeping your muscles in good shape.

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