Online Guitar Lessons

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Online Guitar Lessons

Q: What are online guitar lessons?

A: Lessons that are available in realtime over the internet using Skype or Facetime. You can be anywhere in the world and take lessons with me while I’m in New York City. As long as you have a camera attached to your computer it will almost be like playing in the same room.

Q: What languages do you speak?

A: I speak English. All lessons are in english. Both in speaking and in print.

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: A computer or IPad with a video camera, a Skype or Facetime account and an internet connection. Although an Iphone could work for online guitar lessons, it’s not recommended because the screen is so small. It’s best to have atlas an Ipad size screen.

Q: What happens if we lose connection?

A: I count minutes we’re actually having a lesson. You will not be billed or lose time because of connection issues. I keep track of the minutes and stop the clock when we’re re-connecting if that needs to happen.

Q: How do I get sheet music or tabs if we’re having an online lesson?

A: I have PDF’s for all songs I teach. I’ll email you the PDF at the beginning of the online guitar lesson for you to download. Once you receive it you can print it if you have a printer. That is not required though. I do recommend creating s folder on your computer specifically for the PDF lessons so you can keep track.

Q: My schedule is irregular but I still want to take lessons. How can I take lessons?

A: I can video tape lessons and make them available for you to download. Once we decide on a song or lesson to learn for the week I’ll make a video with closeup examples and me clearly explaining everything. This is also great for reviewing later.

Q: Is is harder to learn through video lessons?

A: No. I use the same technique with online guitar lessons as I do when I teach people in person. There isn’t really a difference except that we may be in far away places. Some people actually prefer online lessons as they can stay in the comforts of their own home.

Q: Whats the purpose of online lessons?

A: Some people find it difficult to find a great teacher where they live. You are no longer stuck with a limited selection of teachers. You can learn whatever you want from almost anybody you want. Some people are shy and don’t like going to music stores or peoples homes for lessons. Some people have disabilities that prevent them from being mobile. Online guitar lessons are a great solution.

Q: What kind of availability is there for online guitar lessons?

A: I have an wide arrange of flexibility. I’m a professional instructor and musician. My schedule is very flexible as to the range of hours I can teach. Because I’m teaching out of my home through the web I can also be more flexible since there is no complications from travel.

Q: What level of students do you accept for online lessons?

A: It works for anyone looking to study the guitar. As I said earlier there is no difference except that you get to study guitar with the teacher you want. Online guitar lessons are great for beginners to highly advanced. I personally enjoy teaching every level of guitar. I have a love for the instrument and I’m really happy to share it.

Q: Do I need to plug my guitar into something for online guitar lessons to be heard?

A: No. The microphone built into your computer or Ipad will be fine for lessons.

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