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We live in an amazing age right now where people can connect with experts via Skype Guitar Lessons to study whatever music they desire. Gone are the days where you were limited to your own backyard. It’s exciting to open your app and instantly you’re one on one with a teacher that knows the ins and outs of the music you love. When I was young there were only a few teachers in my hometown. It was incredibly limited. You would go to a store and ask if they offered guitar lessons. There wasn’t much discussion about the type of music you were into. Lessons were one size fits all.

With Skype Guitar Lessons it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Now you can research teachers strengths and methods to find a perfect match. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a remote location. It on;y takes an internet connection and a web cam. The idea that you’re not in the same room may seem a little weird at first, but once you start a lesson it feels as natural as being there.

Communication is a large part of any lesson. There is no reason to settle for lessons that are hard to relate to.

I was turned off by guitar lessons when I was young. This was because the teacher I had shared no musical interests with me. I was into the Beatles at an early age. If I ha Skype Guitar Lessons I would have been able to find an instructor that was a Beatle fan. If this were the case I prob. would not have given up guitar for a few years. Of course I picked it back up again and became a pro guitarist, but there was a small period of discouragement.

Because of my experiences I know how to avoid this. I do everything to ensure that learning guitar is fun. Plus, I’m honest about what I know and how I can help you. You want to enjoy the journey. If it’s not fun in the beginning why would you want to spend more time practicing?

You might ask what happens in a Skype Guitar Lesson , The answer is pretty simple. It’s just like any other guitar lesson. We can see and hear each other. I’ll guide you through chords, techniques and songs as if I was there. I email all the documentation you need (no paper to lose). There is also no special prep for the lessons. You don’t have to put your guitar in the case, look for your capo or dig through the washer to find picks (they’re in there in abundance I’m sure). You don’t have to shower after a long day at work because you smell. I can’t smell you. So be my guest and eat as much garlic and onions as you want. I’ll be safe inside my bubble of in scents and candles.

Another benefit to Skype Guitar Lessons is you don’t have to leave your home. Time is precious and most of us have a busy schedule. Taking lessons online can add at least a half hour onto your day. That gives you more time to relax. There is no traffic or road construction to worry about. Bad weather has no affect either. You get to be comfortable in your own home. But not to comfy, I don’t need to see your PJ’s!! Unless they have Batman on them.

Because lessons are through the internet it also allows for more flexibility for scheduling. Perhaps you work a job that has odd hours. Maybe you want lessons when most guitar stores aren’t open. Skype guitar lessons allow for you to still have lessons like everybody else. I’m available all kind of odd hours. I can walk into my music studio, connect and we’re good to go. Whether it’s 9am or midnight. Although being a musician I tend to favor the later half of the day if ya know what I mean. I am flexible though as long as my espresso machine is working. Or if it’s really late I’ll have a Mcallen 12yr waiting for our completion. Only one though as I may have to get up early for your next lesson. It’s a viscous cycle!!

Working through Skype Guitar Lessons means you will never forget your notebook. I have copies of everything we go over. You’ll also have copies in your email. There will never be a time when you get to the store for a lesson and you don’t have your charts. One more thing you can relax about.

There is also flexibility for me with online lessons. I can always have all of my teaching supplies available. My library of books, transcriptions, guitars, effects and accessories are by my side. Have a question about recreating an effect on a song? I can guide you through it. Have a question about an exotic mode? I can help you and immediately be able to send documentation.

I’ve been building a library for years and it’s virtually at your finger tips with Skype Guitar Lessons . When I travel to students homes I always have a lesson plan in mind. This means I bring the materials I need to teach the lesson. However questions may come up in lessons that I need other materials to fully explain. This means it may take until the following week to have the proper documentation. Skype means instant lesson gratification.

If you would like to try  Skype Guitar Lessons contact me on my guitar lesson page

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