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Why does music theory have to be so hard to understand? The answer is… it doesn’t!! So many musicians are utterly confused by theory. Often, studying theory makes one feel less intelligent. In reality, it has nothing to do with one’s abilities or skill, but rather the way it is explained.

A lot of people that are seeking out music theory are creative minded.. Most music theory books aren’t written with the creative mind in consideration. Much of the time it’s just plain boooooring!!

Most concepts in music theory are very easy to understand when explained in a way that is relative to creative minded people.

My book utilizes associations, diagrams and real world examples of these ideas to help connect the dots.

Often, when learning music theory, one hears a ton of technical mumbo-jumbo being thrown around without the clarification of how to use it in practical situations. This is no way to learn. There must be end goal and a purpose to learning anything. Otherwise, you’re just stockpiling unused information. Your mind becomes a storage bin of unorganized magazines you always meant to read.

Learning theory doesn’t have to be a miserable process. You can actually have fun while making progress.

In one book, you’ll not only learn the important elements of music theory, but also the most effective order in which to learn them.

Chapters Include:

Effective Methods of Practice
The Musical Alphabet
Building Scales
Building Chords
Learning Notes on the Guitar, Bass and Keyboard
Building Intervals
Counting Rhythms and Time Signatures
The Circle of 5ths
Chord Cycles
Reading the Treble and Bass Clef
Target Tones
Common Tones
Ear Training
Memory and Music
Structure and Form in
Making Lead Sheets
Chord Substitution
Modes and How To Use Them
This system is designed for everyone from the complete beginner to the most advanced of musicians.


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