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Available as a session guitarist in NYC, as an online guitarist remotely, and traveling as well, professional Guitarist Mark Marshall is available to play on any recordings whether they are for songs, movie scores, tv commercials or video game soundtracks.

What makes a guitarist a great session guitarist should be the first question you consider when hiring. It’s not just about the ability to play guitar, It’s about creativity and communication. I’m acute to all kinds of musical cues in recording. Whether your approach is straight forward or more off the beaten path no need to worry. I can embrace every situation!!

I can either come to you or can record in my home studio. I have a large collection of guitars, amps and effects. As a session guitarist – I can get classic sounds from blues, rock, country, metal, punk, pop, electronica and many other styles . I’m also capable of sending you clean DI tracks in several different formats. Check my media page to hear examples of my recorded work.

Here are some commonly asked questions.

Traveling to a studio:

Q: How many guitar, amps and effects can you bring?

A: It’s up to you. If it’s more then I can carry there will be a cartage cost to bring the gear. Shipping across the country or international is not an option for anything more then a couple of guitars and effects.

Q: How far will you travel to work as a session guitarist ?

A: As far as I’m needed as long as travel costs are covered. I’m currently doing most of my session guitar work in NYC or remotely via online.

Sessions Through The Internet / Online Session Guitar Work:

Q: What kind of files will I receive?

A: whichever format you prefer. I have the ability to send files in your preference.

Q: Can you send a Mic and DI track?

A: Yes. I can record one of my amps and give you a clean un affected track as well in case you want to reamp later. I can also just give you a DI or mic signal if you prefer not to have the option.

Q: Do you print effects?

A: Although it is my preference to print effects from a miked amp, as a session guitarist – I will never print effects without a detailed conversation with you first to find out your needs and preferences. I have a great selection of analog effects that sound far superior to plugins, but if you’re worried about commiting I can give you a clean DI track as well.

Q: How many revisions will I get?

A: 2 per track.

Q: Why do you prefer analog effects?

A: I grew up on classic records and have a love for those tones. The only way to truly capture that vibe is with specific gear. Nothing sounds like a real tape delay for example.

Q: How do I describe the sounds I’m looking for?

A: I’m open to any kind of explanation or inspiration. You can send me reference tracks that you’re inspired by and we can work from there. I’m open to any kind of explanations, let creativity be your guide. I respond well to direction and will never make you feel …….

Q: What’s the secret to getting a great sound from a session guitarist ?

A: It’s mostly in the fingers. That’s the part that a lot of people don’t want to hear. I have an amazing collection of gear that I prefer, but the truth is well written and played parts make sounds work more then any mic or preamp. Performances are very important. That being said, it’s also about changing things when they’re not working. It’s better to get things right at the beginning then trying to fix later. I spend time in the front end so I don’t have to later.

Q: What kind of guitars do you have?

A: All kinds. I have all of the classic choices for both acoustic and electric guitars. Also with varieties of strings that change the tone of the instrument. Ask if you’re looking for a specific guitar sound.

Q: What happens if we’re working on two different platforms?
A: It works the same way no matter what platform you’re on. When I’m done I’ll be sending you files that you can put in any DAW and they will sync up perfectly.

Q: How do you add guitar parts?

A: After we’ve had a conversation about direction and you hire me as your session guitarist – I will import it to my DAW and start adding parts. I will send you a bounce for your approval. When we’re done I’ll send you separate audio files for each track. The ensure they all start at the same point it’s important you start your bounce at bar 0. I will do the same. That way when you drag them into your session they match up perfectly. This is key to keep things orderly and less confusing.

Q: Can we Skype or Facetime while you’re working on parts as my session guitarist ?

A: Yes, I welcome this. It’s great to have instant feedback. There is a little bit of delay through the internet and the sound quality isn’t great, but it’s great for working out parts. Then after the part has been agreed I’ll still send a bounce for you to hear in full quality.

While I’m currently located in NYC, I will travel for gigs as required and have full capability to be your online session guitarist as well.

Send me an email now to discuss your project and hiring me as your professional studio guitarist.

I’m also available to teach guitar privately online or one on one in NYC.

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