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Rock Lead Guitar

Tips for Learning Rock Lead Guitar

I see a lot of flaws in the way many of my students practice soloing for rock lead guitar. I see I guitar players simply practicing exercises and licks without playing along with chords. Seems pretty natural to most to just pick up your guitar and start practicing things. But, there is no anchor balance […]

Rhythm Guitar Strumming Technique

The Strummer Guitarists don’t often put a lot of thought into where they strum the guitar. over time players find a spot and generally stick with it. To some degree it becomes more about comfort then sound. I’m lucky enough to live in NYC. I get to go out and watch some of the best […]

NYC Guitar School -Lesson Communication

There is more to guitar lessons then sitting in front of a teacher and opening up a book. You’re not just at Mark Marshall’s NYC Guitar School to acquire documents. You’re there for communication. That thing that gets lost when you’re reading a book. Those little sub conscious details you can only pick up watching […]

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