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Rock Lead Guitar

Tips for Learning Rock Lead Guitar

I see a lot of flaws in the way many of my students practice soloing for rock lead guitar. I see I guitar players simply practicing exercises and licks without playing along with chords. Seems pretty natural to most to just pick up your guitar and start practicing things. But, there is no anchor balance […]

15 Minute Exercise on Major 7th Chords

I’ve talked about chord shapes on Root 5 and Root 6 strings before. Today I want to talk about two basic shapes for Major 7th chords with root 4 voicings. These chords can be really great when you’re playing in a larger band. They’re cleaner then root 5 and root 6 voicings. Plus, they sound […]

How To Practice Guitar -Articulation

In this lesson I want to talk about the many ways we can adapt expressions to a melody. Vocal melodies in songs tend to be concrete. They may have some variation, but they have a reoccurring theme. That makes them great for articulation study. There isn’t anything you can’t learn from a melody. The best […]

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