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Learn to Guitar Solo by Not Soloing

It may seem strange to say, but one of the best ways to learn the nuances of soloing is by… not soloing. Say what? I’m sure that’ll make a lot of guitarists indignant. How could I possibly suggest that the best way to shine and step out front is to step back?!?!  Well, that’s exactly […]

The Mystery Of Chord Voicings

When I was young and first taking up guitar, I bought a book of guitar chords. This seemed like a logical thing to do. My thought was anytime I saw a chord, I could immediately look it up. I would spend time going through the book everyday. I experimented with all kinds of chords. I […]

Rhythm Guitar Strumming Technique

The Strummer Guitarists don’t often put a lot of thought into where they strum the guitar. over time players find a spot and generally stick with it. To some degree it becomes more about comfort then sound. I’m lucky enough to live in NYC. I get to go out and watch some of the best […]

Triplets of Belleville – Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Rhythm affects every aspect of playing guitar, but it often doesn’t get enough love. In this lesson were going to work on triplet rhythms. Syncopating triplet rhythms requires a lot of control and precision. If you’re not great at it, don’t fret (get it, insert gong). These exercises will help get you on your way. […]

Practice Makes Progress Cover

Practicing with a Metronome – Exercises

Practicing with a metronome is an uncomfortable exercises for many. Musicians are rebels, so the thought of rules is appalling at first. Using a metronome is a skill you’ll have to develop for many hours before you get a breakthrough. It’s very frustrating to everyone for quite some time. At some point many students in […]

Practicing Guitar -Repurposing Bad Gigs

Sometimes we all end up on a gig that is less then ideal. The rehearsal space may be bad, nobody may be listening or the club may have poor sound. That’s just to name a few. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things that can’t be learned or practiced. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to […]

Music Theory – The Birth of a Bar

  Birth of A Bar This week, were going to talk about a very simple concept in music theory : counting bars. Although it appears to be basic, the technique often gets overlooked. I started to touch upon the concept of developing a process for learning music in my last two blogs. There is a […]

How To Practice Guitar -Learning Songs pt. 2

here is part 2 from last weeks blog on Methods for Learning Songs.   Set Up   Having an organized area will be of great assistance in how to practice guitar . I don’t want to waste any time looking for a pencil, pen capo, slide or paper. I create a work space just for […]

How To Practice Guitar -Learning Songs pt. 1

  When learning music in a crunched time slot it pays to have a process. A solid method for how to practice guitar will make your experience much less stressful. A system can speed things up and keep things clear. If you are constantly altering your process it’s slows you down.   As a NYC […]

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