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How To Play Guitar -Using Your Thumb

For years many masters have played and created mesmerizing art on guitar. The technique often varied due to the necessitates of the music being created. There didn’t seem to be much grief over it. But for some reason over the last couple of decades there seems to be a movement to re-establish what proper fretting […]

Excercise for Picking Finger Independence

Here is an exercise I wrote to help with gaining independence on your picking hand. There is a slight world flavor to the melody using the Mixolydian Mode. The key here is that your thumb remains constant, playing a quarter note each beat. It’s a drone against the melody. Once you get the thumb in […]

Guitar Teacher NYC -Homework

A vital component to guitar lessons is homework. It’s important after every class with a Guitar Teacher NYC that the students knows what they need to work on for the week. It’s hard to remember everything discussed in a lesson. To fully maximize you’re learning it’s more effective to have a list to review. The […]

Guitar lessons NYC -Blues Slide Guitar

The sounds of guitarists like Bukka White, Son House, Duane Allman, Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters caught Guitar Lessons NYC Mark Marshal attention at a young age. This led to my dive into blues slide guitar . The first part of any journey is exploration. To help learn the language I researched music from all […]

Guitar Lessons NYC -Understanding Modes

There seems to be so much confusion and white noise surrounding the concept of modes. At Guitar Lessons NYC I’ve found a way to filter the noise. Modes are often taught from a strictly paint by numbers approach. It’s like teaching how to cook without ever tasting the food you’re making. The textures are often […]

NYC Guitar School -Lesson Communication

There is more to guitar lessons then sitting in front of a teacher and opening up a book. You’re not just at Mark Marshall’s NYC Guitar School to acquire documents. You’re there for communication. That thing that gets lost when you’re reading a book. Those little sub conscious details you can only pick up watching […]

Guitarists Guide to iTunes Organization

As a working guitarist you’re going to want to up your organization skills. Being organized will save you lots of time and frustration in the future. Time is money and neither is much fun to waste. This week we’re going to look at organizing iTunes. Often when artists send material to learn for a gig […]

Private Guitar Lessons NYC -What is Proper Technique

For a lot of private guitar lessons NYC discussing guitar technique can often lead to a heated debate in a similar way to politics. Teachers often pick sides and never cross party lines. If you play enough styles of music you start to discover how technique is not a black or white issue. It’s mostly […]

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