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Top 7 Guitar Songs of the Week -March 24th 2013

Recommended to listen to one song per day • Jimi Hendrix “If 6 was 9” from Are You Experienced This riff has to be one of the heaviest things ever created!! People often associate distortion with riffs being heavy when really it’s the melody. This is a prime example. The moment the guitar starts playing […]

Flying with a Guitar -Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Flying with a guitar can seem more daunting then it is. There are concerns when it comes to protecting your instrument and you do have to make some decisions in advance. The first thing that affects your decision is what kind of guitar you’ll be bringing. If you’re bringing a solid body electric your options […]

Guitar Picking Technique

While sipping a frosty beverage with a friend in Brooklyn the other night, we ended up discussing the core of guitar tone. When guitar tone conversations arise, pick attack is rarely mentioned. Sometimes shape comes into the conversation but guitar piecing technique is often overlooked and is a major tonal ingredient. How tightly one holds […]

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