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Creating a Master Song List

Remembering all the songs in your song library can be difficult. Not to mention the key signatures and tempos. To deal with this, I like to create a Master Song List. This list will have all the pertinent information to help you recall or choose songs. There are many ways you can create such a […]

Guitarists Guide to iTunes Organization

As a working guitarist you’re going to want to up your organization skills. Being organized will save you lots of time and frustration in the future. Time is money and neither is much fun to waste. This week we’re going to look at organizing iTunes. Often when artists send material to learn for a gig […]

Slide Guitar Lessons -Best Beginner Slide

In this article Guitar Lessons NYC by Mark Marshall is going to give tips on buying your first slide. There happen to be quite a few options that at first make your head spin. I’m going to break it down. I do have an opinion as to which is the best for slide guitar lessons […]

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