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danelectro pride of texas overdrive

Danelectro Pride of Texas Overdrive

Recently, I got my hands on a new pedal from Danelectro called the Pride of Texas. It’s part of a new line of pedals named the Billionaire series.  The name Pride of Texas suggests the pedal is going to be some sort of overdrive. Most likely in the arena of tones of Stevie Ray Vaughn. […]

JHS Muffuletta Fuzz Review by Guitarist Mark Marshall

JHS Muffuletta Fuzz Review

The Big Muff plays a huge role in the evolution of electric guitar. When I became aware of this a number of years ago I immediately went out and bought an Electro Harmonix NYC Big Muff PI. Upon first plugging in, I scratched my head quite a bit. This didn’t sound like the guitar tones […]

Music Theory – The Birth of a Bar

  Birth of A Bar This week, were going to talk about a very simple concept in music theory : counting bars. Although it appears to be basic, the technique often gets overlooked. I started to touch upon the concept of developing a process for learning music in my last two blogs. There is a […]

Guitarists Emergency Tone Kit

We’ve all gotten to sound check, plugged in our acoustic guitar and expected a nice warm sound to come out of the PA (ah, we were so young and innocent once). You walk out ontstage, take a deep breath and hope for the type of sound that inspires you to play. Often what we hear […]

NYC Guitar School -History of Lessons

There are many different viewpoints on what a guitar teacher is. My vision of lessons at Mark Marshall’s nyc guitar school is similar to a personal trainer. Or a coach. There are some teachers that have the philosophy of sharing the same info for everybody. Similar to a public school classroom. I tend to embrace […]

NYC Guitar Lessons -Transcriptions

<br/> There are many ways to get music materials to teach these days. It’s become so much simpler then in times of past. We can find books in stores, iBooks on our iDevices and web tabs just to name a few. So why with all the accessibility to materials does nyc guitar lessons by Mark […]

Flying with a Guitar -Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Flying with a guitar can seem more daunting then it is. There are concerns when it comes to protecting your instrument and you do have to make some decisions in advance. The first thing that affects your decision is what kind of guitar you’ll be bringing. If you’re bringing a solid body electric your options […]

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