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Rhythm Guitar Strumming Technique

The Strummer Guitarists don’t often put a lot of thought into where they strum the guitar. over time players find a spot and generally stick with it. To some degree it becomes more about comfort then sound. I’m lucky enough to live in NYC. I get to go out and watch some of the best […]

How To Practice Guitar -Learning Songs pt. 2

here is part 2 from last weeks blog on Methods for Learning Songs.   Set Up   Having an organized area will be of great assistance in how to practice guitar . I don’t want to waste any time looking for a pencil, pen capo, slide or paper. I create a work space just for […]

How To Practice Guitar -Learning Songs pt. 1

  When learning music in a crunched time slot it pays to have a process. A solid method for how to practice guitar will make your experience much less stressful. A system can speed things up and keep things clear. If you are constantly altering your process it’s slows you down.   As a NYC […]

Some Fresh Ideas on How to Practice Guitar

There doesn’t seem to be much discussion practice routines. It would seem to me one of the first questions to answer would be how to practice guitar. Unfortunately this often doesn’t come up even after 20 lessons. It’s taken me years to fully understand the variety and most effective methods. This article is going to […]

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