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Lesson on Memorizing Songs Using Games

There is a lot of time we’re away from our instruments. Valuable time we wish we could be practicing. Who says we can’t practice when we don’t have our instruments though? I get some of my mot valuable practice time when I don’t have my instrument in my hands. This is partly due to the […]

15 Minute Exercise on Major 7th Chords

I’ve talked about chord shapes on Root 5 and Root 6 strings before. Today I want to talk about two basic shapes for Major 7th chords with root 4 voicings. These chords can be really great when you’re playing in a larger band. They’re cleaner then root 5 and root 6 voicings. Plus, they sound […]

Rhythm Guitar Strumming Technique

The Strummer Guitarists don’t often put a lot of thought into where they strum the guitar. over time players find a spot and generally stick with it. To some degree it becomes more about comfort then sound. I’m lucky enough to live in NYC. I get to go out and watch some of the best […]

what is hsp by guitarist mark marshall

How To Play Guitar -What is HSP?

There is a common trait amongst the greatest musicians I’ve played with. They all have what I like to call HSP. It stands for Hear Sing Play. It’s the order of actions that lead to playing a note. It requires a healthy imagination which is a crucial part of creativity. All of the theory in […]

Music Theory – The Birth of a Bar

  Birth of A Bar This week, were going to talk about a very simple concept in music theory : counting bars. Although it appears to be basic, the technique often gets overlooked. I started to touch upon the concept of developing a process for learning music in my last two blogs. There is a […]

Music Theory -Simulated Live Performance

For a lot of musicians there is a disconnect between practice and performance. To some it’s as if they’re 2 different players. If you’re feeling this way you’re not alone. There are a lot of factors that make performing and practicing different. The most obvious is the adrenalin you get when playing live. It feels […]

Private Guitar Lessons NYC -What is Proper Technique

For a lot of private guitar lessons NYC discussing guitar technique can often lead to a heated debate in a similar way to politics. Teachers often pick sides and never cross party lines. If you play enough styles of music you start to discover how technique is not a black or white issue. It’s mostly […]

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