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Lesson on Polyphonic Guitar

The Polyphonic Guitarist Are you a monophonic or polyphonic player? As guitarists, we have a tendency to get caught up in speed and single note lines. Ask any guitarist to solo and odds are it will be single note lines played on the high strings. There almost seems to be an installed switch for most […]

What Kind of Guitar Player are You?

  Understanding how your brain works can greatly help you advance as a guitarist. There are two kinds of mindsets. Some players don’t even notice this for years. Usually after much frustration.   You must be thinking there are much more then two kinds of players, right? I mean, there is jazz, metal, country to […]

Guitar Teacher NYC -Homework

A vital component to guitar lessons is homework. It’s important after every class with a Guitar Teacher NYC that the students knows what they need to work on for the week. It’s hard to remember everything discussed in a lesson. To fully maximize you’re learning it’s more effective to have a list to review. The […]

NYC Guitar Lessons -Transcriptions

<br/> There are many ways to get music materials to teach these days. It’s become so much simpler then in times of past. We can find books in stores, iBooks on our iDevices and web tabs just to name a few. So why with all the accessibility to materials does nyc guitar lessons by Mark […]

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