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NYC Guitar School -Lesson Communication

There is more to guitar lessons then sitting in front of a teacher and opening up a book. You’re not just at Mark Marshall’s NYC Guitar School to acquire documents. You’re there for communication. That thing that gets lost when you’re reading a book. Those little sub conscious details you can only pick up watching […]

Private Guitar Lessons NYC -What is Proper Technique

For a lot of private guitar lessons NYC discussing guitar technique can often lead to a heated debate in a similar way to politics. Teachers often pick sides and never cross party lines. If you play enough styles of music you start to discover how technique is not a black or white issue. It’s mostly […]

Private Guitar Lessons NYC -Lesson History

One thing I think is really important when taking private guitar lessons NYC is a record of history. As a teacher I keep a log of the exercises and topics from each lesson. This is helpful because each week when a student walks in the door I immediately know what we worked on. This also […]

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